Lynn Millette




I sense an intriguing divide between reality and the parallel existence we have created for ourselves online. Both kinds of life experiences challenge my image making as a painter in a time where Web Art and its environment are being defined. At times I think of the cave paintings and what is understood by experts that attempt to define their meaning and I think that somehow painting my life experience in the world now remains quite a similar practice. At the core it remains simple communication through one's own body. Full consciousness of a natural world that repeats in time, shape upon shape, says to me that I am just the same, that I am an instrument in time, recursive of my own nature. That the shapes I make lived in me from the start, and so, my paintings consist of a sense of the conditions of the world and myself together, unfurling, painting by painting by painting.

Lynn Millette lives and works in Montreal. She has participated in several individual and group exhibitions including, Ana notes sur notes (2012) at the Chapelle historique du Bon-Pasteur, The Inner Space/The Outer Place, Concordia University (2008), Interior experience (solo), at the McClure Gallery and Sens vécu (solo), at the Maison de la Culture Plateau-Mont-Royal (2007). Her most recent solo exhibition, Les Fenêtres sur l'eau was held at the Maison de la Culture Notre-Dame-de-Grâce in Montreal (2013).

Lynn Millette has a BFA (Concordia), an MA ès arts from UQAM and a PhD from Concordia University. Her work is indexed at the Centre for Contemporary Canadian Art and can be found in several private and public collections in Canada and the United States.

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