Contemplation for some of us, holds a central place in our lived experience. My work comes from the conscious questioning of this concept. I want to experience pictures, to uncover what meaning I sense remains concealed.

Through my paintings, I am examining temporal perspectives. My subject matter is my point of departure. In this instance, to experience a photograph from the media, I paint it. It manifests itself as a "naïveté" which allows me to engage with an image to uncover the things that are invisible to me. This helps me bypass notions and concepts that I want to put aside. Through this activity, I decelerate the image by being aware of the contents as I paint.

A second painting is as a reaction or a re-interpretation of what I sensed as a lived experience from the first work. A picture, regardless of its origin is the covering over of a specific thing. In light of this, the meaning in these works is experiential.



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